5 Questions to Ask For Choosing the Best Window Cleaning Service


14 Sep 5 Questions to Ask For Choosing the Best Window Cleaning Service

Clean, sparkling windows are the hallmark of a well-maintained home. Business customers will feel comfortable shopping or eating in a clean place. You should have your windows cleaned every few months to keep your premises in show-shape. Now, there are lots of professional cleaning services in Adelaide, and it might just be challenging settling on the best one. Below are the top 6 questions that you should ask when choosing a company to work with.

1.    Do they give a free estimate?

Most top cleaning firms in Adelaide will assess the job and give a cost estimate to the customer at no charge. You don’t want to make a commitment before you have an idea (however rough) just how much the entire window wash operation is going to cost you. So make sure to ask potential companies whether they provide a free, no-obligation estimate.

2.    Can I get some references?

How do you figure out whether or not a said company can deliver for you? Other than reading what they have put on their website, you want to go a step ahead and find out what their past customers are saying. A good company should be able to provide a few happy-customer references or reviews. If the firm doesn’t want you to speak to any of their past clients, that right there is a big red flag!

3.    Is the company established?

Did the company open its doors last week, or have they been in business for quite some time now? If they opened their door just yesterday, they are probably still trying out various wash methods and may use your windows as a guinea pig. Your goal is to find a reliable and quality firm that has proved itself in the market. So make sure to ask them how long they have been in service!

4.    Do they background-check their employees?

A good firm will conduct background checks and other due diligence on their employees. Ask them whether they do that. You don’t want a former convict getting anywhere near your home. To protect yourself from lawsuits and any form of legal ramifications, only work with providers who’ve got the licensing, and the insurance taken care of.

5.    Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Professional window cleaning is a service, not a commodity. There’s no telling whether a proper job will be done until you see the results. A good firm understands this and takes measures to stand behind their work. If someone is telling you that they’ll do a 100% good job, they should as well have the confidence to stand behind this by providing a satisfaction guarantee!

Keep your home or business premises clean with pristine washed windows. This not only contributes to the appeal of the property but also makes it attractive to guests and customers, respectively. Hiring the right service provider is the first step to getting a proper job done!

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