7 reasons to keep your solar panels clean all year round


10 Nov 7 reasons to keep your solar panels clean all year round

Many solar panel owners often overlook the cleaning bit. Not cleaning your car affects your pride and joy on the road. In the same way, not cleaning a panel leads to a repelling layer of grime that degrades performance if left unchecked. Of course, solar panels can produce power even when dirty. For instance, NASA’s Rovers on Mars work for years without a single cleaning run. The point though is that if you want maximum results, periodical cleaning is important. Below are the seven key reasons why you should always keep your panels clean throughout the year.

  1. Your warranty

Most panel manufacturers and installation companies have stipulated regular cleaning as a warranty condition. Should any problem manifest with your panels, you may not be covered if you have no proof of regular cleaning (especially by professionals). You want to be on the safe side in case there’s some little malfunction or something, right?

  1. Improve efficiency

There’s no doubt about it – there’s an increase in efficiency when your panels are clean. Based on statistical observations, this increase in production can be dramatic, up to 60 percent in commercial installations and up to 21 percent in residential arrays. Make sure that your installation is prepped for maximum efficiency. Regularly bringing in professional cleaners (or doing it yourself if you’re well versed in the practice) can make a lot of difference.

  1. Rainwater doesn’t do it for you

A lot of people just won’t clean their solar panels when it’s raining. Why? Because they thinking rainwater will do it for them – free of charge! That’s hilarious. Think about your car’s windscreen. Does it become cleaner every time it rains? How about ignoring it for a couple of months during that rainy season? Chances are that you’ll end up losing a lot of visibility with all the grime accumulating there from God’s good environment. So make no mistake about rain automatically washing your panels clean. It doesn’t happen.

  1. Aesthetic appeal

This is obvious – nobody wants a dirt-covered, aged-looking panel sticking out of their life. Just like it’s important to clean the rest of your home, this little installation should not be left out. Keeping everything will, of course, make your home more aesthetically appealing, to both its occupants and visitors.

  1. Increase durability

There are lots of dust particles, soft grains of sound, and debris in the environment. When you don’t clean your solar panel once in a while, these will eventually build up and contribute to wear and tear. It might not be much to notice, but over time – you end up getting faulty equipment much sooner than would be the norm.

  1. Improve ROI time

Solar panels are expensive – you want to make sure that you get ROI as soon as possible. Not cleaning your panels over an extended period of time can dent your ROI time. When the panels are clean though, more light reaches the cells, which in turn translates to more power (thus money) for you.

  1. Inspection

You can’t clean your panels with a remote. You either hire a professional company, or you climb a ladder. Cleaning time is as well a good time to inspect and evaluate the condition of the installation!

It doesn’t take a lot of time (where you’re doing it yourself) and isn’t so expensive (where you’re hiring professionals), so don’t leave this key installation in your home grinning with dirt!

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