How to Remove Paint from Windows


01 Sep How to Remove Paint from Windows

Painting your home is a great way to give it a fresh look every once in a while. If you’re considering listing your home for sale, this can also help boost its perceived value. It’s common that paint sticks on glass as you paint your way around the windows. Most people will apply insulation tape to prevent this from happening. But sometimes, this is really not worth the effort. You’d rather just have paint get on the window then ‘punish’ yourself removing it later. And even if you apply the tape, there’s no telling that some little paint won’t get on the glass all the same, which means you still need to do a paint removal job!

Tips to remove paint from your windows

If you painted your entire Adelaide home lately, or just the windows themselves, you can benefit from our easy paint removal tips.

  • Avoid friction and scratching – as a rule of the thumb, never try to scrap or scrub glass when dry – it could lead to friction and scratching of the glass surface. We always recommend using a lubricating liquid to make things smooth. There are various lubricating solutions available in the market at an affordable price. You can also make your own lubricating solution at home using vinegar, water, and a couple of drops of dish liquid.
  • Use an appropriate scraper – find a scraper that’s particularly meant to remove paint from glass. These are easy to use and make the task less challenging. And if you prefer something safer, there are tons of plastic options available. Plastic razor blades resemble the typical razor blades, and work just as well. They are also quite affordable. So if you got a few drips of paint on glass, wood or wall, this is the recommended tool to use.
  • Using the scraper – make sure to hold the scraper blade at a 45 degree angle to the glass. Push the blade to the frame, but not too much so that it breaks the seal. Once you’ve made a pass, don’t drag it back and forth – lift it. Keep this in mind and you’ll have an easier time removing paint from glass surfaces.

Professional service as an alternative

Obviously, removing paint on from your Adelaide home’s windows is an involving and time-consuming task. You’ll need to buy the necessary tools, and make sure that you do it right to avoid inflicting more harm.

Contracting a professional Adelaide window cleaning firm can be a great alternative to DIY paint removal. Professional cleaning firms are equipped with all the tools needed to remove paint and other contaminants from the glass. Once your glass is paint-free, it’s also recommended that you clean it out to complete the job and have your exteriors and interiors sparkling clean. A cleaning company will likely give you a good deal on both these tasks. And you can rest assured that your property is insured from any damage that might result from their work!

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