Solar Panel Cleaning Adelaide


Solar panel cleaning isn’t much different from other wash services. You can either do it yourself or contract a professional company to get the job done on your behalf. Solar panels generally consist of solar cells that are covered in protective glass coating. Just like your car’s windshield, it’s more likely to get dirtier the longer it’s outside.

Dirty Panels Lose Electricity

Traffic dust, leaves, bird droppings and pollution are just a few of the things that prevent sunlight from reaching the responsive cells within a panel. The more dirt there is the lower the volume of electricity that will be generated. Studies have established that washing panels that have been in operation for about 15 months has the potential to double their electricity output. It’s also widely accepted in the energy industry that cleaning is one way to obtain optimum performance.

When Does My Solar Panel Need to be cleaned?

How often should you clean your panels? This is one question that most of our customers tend to grapple with. Well, there are two ways to actually check and see if there’s enough dirt to warrant a clearing exercise:

  • Physical Inspection – involves conducting periodic inspections in order to remove any dirt or debris. This is also a great way to ensure that the connections are working right. How frequent you conduct a physical inspection is directly influenced by your location and the manufacturer specifications. If you live in a very dusty area, you want to do more inspections!
  • Monitoring Service – monitoring systems are another great way to make sure that you’re getting the most energy potential out of your PV system. There are multiple services that provide monitoring solutions for a small fee. These solutions work by measuring the amount of power that is outputted, and comparing it with the expected output. The system can run diagnostic tests and tell you even when your system is offline. This will help you figure out every time there are problems such as dirt that need to be solved in order for the panel to go back to full-blown operation again.

Do It Yourself Cleaning

The first option that most people have is to clean their solar energy systems all by themselves. Since these surfaces aren’t so different from regular window surfaces, this is highly accomplishable. The hard part though is reaching them, especially if your panels are located on a roof top. You’ll need to properly access them so that you can wash well with warm water and dishwashing soap to eliminate any buildup of grime or dirt.

Our Professional Service

If you are not comfortable or lack the time to clean your system, the best option is to hire a professional company to get the job done. A good provider will be equipped with an extensive range of tools that will enable them to do a smooth and long-lasting job. You’re also more likely to get better results with professional help as compared to doing it yourself. Just like there are multiple benefits to contracting a window cleaning services, you can benefit by counting on well-trained cleaners who take adequate care to ensure that there are no damages or other unexpected mishaps.

Why Us

SA Window Cleaners has established a reputation as Adelaide’s leading wash company, provides an extensive range of solutions for cleaning windows, shop fronts, and exterior surfaces. We leverage earth-friendly panel wash agents that are friendly to the protective glass, and to the environment as well. Our time gets you a free estimate and makes sure that the job is done perfectly well. If your solar system is hard to reach, we have various solutions that will get our best trainers up there. Count on an insured, veteran company that has done it right for hundreds of clients before. Get in touch for a free quote today!


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