Why you should clean your solar panels before summer


09 Aug Why you should clean your solar panels before summer

Solar panels are an important installation in your home. They provide an alternative (and sometimes the main) source of power to keep everything all lit up. Most people ignore the pesky task of making sure that solar panels are in tip-top condition. By so doing, they fail to prep the panels for maximum efficiency with regards to power production. This means that you don’t get ROI as soon as you might have hoped for.

There are many more reasons why you need to keep your panels clean at all times. Of course, there’s no disputing the fact that dirt from the atmosphere will accumulate over time. This degrades the outward appeal of your roof (and thus your home) and as well eats down on the durability of your installation. Cleaning panels is a rather simple task that doesn’t take too much of your time or money. A key concern though is when the right time for solar panel cleaning Adelaide. The conventional answer to this is ‘all around the year’, but it’s particularly important that you get it done before summer.

Commercial operators with hefty installations have to put a lot of efforts into the cleaning bit. This often means coming up with formulas and schedules that test various cleaning intervals and weigh them against possible gain or loss of revenue. Some operators leverage a seemingly simple, low-risk policy that involves cleaning just once before the summer ‘money maker’ month.

David Young, a Vice President in charge of asset management at Solarrus Corporation, attempted to come up with a more refined schedule than once per year. He weighed various mathematical formulas that help determine optimal washing frequency. According to Young, operators can save hundreds of thousands of dollars by adhering to ‘an optimal’ wash cycle. But this formula can vary from one operator to another, based on the rate of debris accumulation, and basically how much it costs to get the cleaning operation done. A formula of ‘wash once every 40 days’ might be good for one company, while ‘wash once every 100 days’ might work great for another one. It all depends on the specific variable related to the environment, and how the panels are used.

One straight, undisputed fact though is that panels must be washed before summer. This is the period of time when there’s more shine and you’re hoping to get more production thus faster ROI. Obviously, prepping the panels for more efficiency during the summer period serves this purpose. If you’re in a position to, you could try to measure the upsurge in production after the pre-summer wash.

You can create your panels or hire a professional outfit to do it for you. If your installation is pretty small and positioned in an easy to reach the area, DIY makes more sense. However, if it’s a large panel or one that’s somewhat accessible in either the commercial or residential setting, hiring a pro to do it for you is the right thing to do.

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